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The Town’s waste water collection system consists of over 45 km of sanitary sewers, 6 km of combined sewers, a raw sewage pumping station (RSPS) and a waste water treatment plan (WWTP) with an average day capacity of 14,000 m³ a day, maximum daily capacity of 28,000 m³ a day and peak daily flow of 41,000 m³ a day as per 2014 data. Currently, all waste water is conveyed via gravity to the RSPS located near the WWTP. Under normal dry weather conditions, sewage that enters the RSPS is pumped to the WWTP for treatment and discharge to the Ottawa River. However, during significant wet weather events, the RSPS influent channel overflow into a tank where a large capacity pumps it into two equalization tanks to be treated by the WWTP.

The WWTP consists of two vortex grit removal screens of 6 mm in diameter, three primary clarifiers, three aeration tanks, four secondary clarifiers and a ultra-violet disinfection before discharge into the Ottawa River. Sludge handling consists of two aerobic digester and one sludge stabilizer. Digested sludge is thickened by two centrifuges and bio-solid is disposed of on approved farm lands.

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