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The Town’s water system consists of a raw water pumping station situated along the Ottawa River, a 27,275 m³ a day capacity water treatment plant (WTP), a 5,450 m³ capacity standpipe and booster station, and over 30 km of water distribution piping.

Treated water service is provided to three different sectors of the Township of Champlain: the Village of Vankleek Hill through a municipality-owned booster station located on Highway 34 south of the County Road 17; the Village of L’Orignal via a municipality-owned water distribution system; and the Laurentian Park through an extension of the Town’s distribution network.

The WTP consists of a conventional treatment process, based on a coagulation/flocculation followed by clarification and filtration. The WTP is equipped with two dynamic clarifier packages units, three high rate sand/anthracite filters, and a two-cell clear well of a capacity of 2,300 m³ each. High lift pumps draw from the clear well and pump treated water into the Town’s distribution system and standpipe.

The Town completed two phases of upgrades to the water works between 1996 and 2005. The first phase consisted of upgrades to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at the booster station. The second phase consisted of new coagulant and fluoridation storage and feed systems and chlorination system upgrades.

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