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Drinking water system

The Hawkesbury drinking water system consists of a raw water pumping station that draws water from the Ottawa River, a drinking water treatment plant, a drinking water distribution system and a remote water storage standpipe with a booster pumping system. Drinking water is distributed to the citizens of the Town of Hawkesbury and to three different sectors in the Township of Champlain.

The water treatment plant consists of a conventional treatment process based on coagulation/flocculation followed by clarification and filtration. The plant is equipped with two dynamic clarifier package units, three high rate sand/anthracite filters, a two-cell clear well of a capacity of 2,300 m³ each and four high lift pumps that supplies treated water into the Town’s distribution system and standpipe.

The Town completed two upgrade phases to the plant between 1996 and 2005. The first phase consisted of upgrades to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at the booster station. The second phase consisted of a chemical room construction for the coagulant.

Did you know?

  • That the drinking water treatment plant was built in 1953?
  • That it takes about 2 days for the water from the Ottawa River to reach your home tap?
  • That our water storage standpipe contains approximately 5,450 m³ of drinking water, or the equivalent of a day's production of water?
  • That there are over 35 kilometres of underground watermains in Hawkesbury?
  • That our drinking water distribution system has more than 350 fire hydrants?
  • That the town of Hawkesbury's distribution system serves approximately 3,917 drinking water services in its own town and approximately 1,456 services in the Township of Champlain?

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