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Who are we?

The Environmental Service team is composed of several multidisciplinary certified operators, a quality control clerk and a Superintendent.

We are responsible for the operations of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant, the Drinking Water Distribution System and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our service operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our engagement

We are engaged to:

·      Provide safe and clean drinking water to all our customers,

·      Maintain and continually improve our drinking water quality management system,

·      Assure the effective treatment of wastewater, and

·      Comply with all applicable drinking water and wastewater legislations and regulations. 

 Water cycle

Property Line


Drinking water system

The Hawkesbury drinking water system consists of a raw water pumping station that draws from the Ottawa River, a drinking water treatment plant, a drinking water distribution system and a remote standpipe water storage with booster pumping system. Drinking water is distributed to the citizens of the Town of Hawkesbury and to three different sectors in the Township of Champlain.


Did you know?

A continuous water leak caused by an approximately 6 mm (1/4") hole will make you lose 4,475 m of water over three months, being almost 5 times the amount of water in the sports complex swimming pool.

Here are some simple tips that will make you save:

  • Check for leaks, preferably once a year,
  • Repair leaking tanks and pipes,
  • Close the main water valve when going on vacation or for a long period.


Frequently asked questions


Who do I contact for water problems or questions?

For problems or questions regarding water interruptions, pressure, taste, odour or colour, please contact the Quality Management Clerk at 613 678-9269.

For problems or questions related to water meters or water bills, please contact the Finance Service at 613 632-0106 ext. 2266.


Who do I contact to have the water turned off or turned on?

These requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Please call 613 678-9269 or 613 632-0106 ext. 2020.


Why is my water pressure low or why does it fluctuate during use?

There could be a few reasons for this. This could be caused by a leak on your service line or due to the state of your plumbing pipes. It can also be caused by water distribution maintenance activities such as fire hydrants maintenance, leak repairs and distribution system flushing operations. 


Wastewater system

Wastewater that leaves all homes and businesses in the Town is conveyed via gravity through the underground sanitary sewer system towards the wastewater treatment plant. Once the treatment process is completed, the disinfected supernatant is discharged into the Ottawa River and the biosolids are dehydrated before being disposed of on approved farmlands.


Did you know?

Just because the items you have poured down the sink drain or flushed down the toilet mean they have made it through the wastewater system or even left your building. Many products will cause problems to homes, in the sanitary system and at the wastewater treatment plant as these products may bond together.

To avoid these situations and to protect our environment, the following type of products should never be flushed down the toilet or poured down a drain:

  • Hygiene products (sanitary supplies, dental floss, condoms, wipes…even those labelled “flushable”)
  • Grease, fats, oil and food
  • Medication
  • Household hazardous products (paint, pesticides, cigarette, cleaning products)


Frequently asked questions


Does the wastewater treatment facility accept RV waste?

No, the wastewater treatment plant does not accept RV waste.

 Who do I contact if I have sewer backflow problems?

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the lateral sewer connecting to the municipal system. Before you call the Town, hire a plumber who will determine where the problem is located. If after inspection the blockage is on the Town’s side, the Town will have the repairs done as soon as possible and you will be entitled to a refund of expenses encountered up to a maximum of $760.00, upon submitting the invoice. For emergencies, contact the fire department dispatcher at 613 632-1105.


Why is my sewer bill combined with my water consumption?

All properties in the Town are connected to a water meter and the cost for water and sewer services are charged on a combination of fixed fees and consumption. For more information, you can read By-law N° 6-2020 on the Town’s website. For questions related to sewer bills, please contact the Finance Service at 613 632-0106 ext. 2266.