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Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing by-laws dealing with peace and order, respect of others and properties, cleanliness of properties and parking.

They are also responsible for the issuance of business licences, taxi permits and authorization for car washes and fundraising events.


To file a complaint on By-laws enforced by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers, you may do so by contacting them at 613 632-0106, just press '5'. Anonymous complaints are not accepted, complainant must provide his full contact information. Complainant identification is kept confidential, unless legal actions need to be undertaken, and therefore the complainant’s testimony is required.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets issued by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers may be paid in person at the Finance Department (Door B) at the Town Hall or by mail. Sorry, we do not offer online payment at the moment.

You may contest a parking ticket by filling the back of the ticket within 15 days and deposit it or mail it to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department, otherwise a guilty plea will be rendered by the Judge if fine unpaid. Appeals are made at the Ontario Provincial Offences Court in L’Orignal.

Winter parking

Parking within the Town is prohibited between midnight and 7:00 a.m. from November 15 to April 15. Check signs before parking as certain streets may have additional restrictions.


**Please note that payment has been delayed until May 31, 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.**

Must be registered at the Town Hall. Licences are renewable annually by March 15, an invoice will be sent by the Finance Department.

Two dogs per household are authorized. Dogs shall not disturb the neighbourhood and shall not wander on public properties or on someone else’s property without his consent. Walking your dog on a leash is mandatory and you have to have bags available to pick-up your dog’s excrement.

pdfDuring the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to download this document, print it, fill it and returning it with your payment.

Lost and found dogs

Lost dogs are kept in the shelter for 5 days. If unclaimed, they may be put up for adoption.

You lost your dog or found one, please call the Municipal Law Enforcement Department at 613-632-0106, option 5 and 1.


The Town does not have any shelter for lost cats and does not require their registration. However, owners of cats must ensure that their cats remain on their property.

Garage sales

A permit is required to have a garage sale. The cost is $10 for 2 consecutive days. Two garage sales per year are authorized per household.

The Council has been granting two free garage sales per year, the last week-end of May and the long week-end of October. Check the website for confirmation as this may change without notice.

It is forbidden to post advertisement signs on utility and street posts, on public properties and on private properties other that where the garage sale is held.


Charities may hold fundraising activities; however they must obtain an authorization from the Municipal Law Enforcement Department to ensure eligibility of the organization. Garage sales are free of charge for eligible organizations. However, the renting of tables is not authorized.