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Odour problem in your home or establishment:

For the past few weeks, the Town has been cleaning the sewer lines and this can cause a sanitary void, meaning that the drains in the houses can empty or dry out.

Please take note of the following recommendations:

The ventilation chimney (also called a plumbing vent) is the pipe that releases all the gases that form in the pipes. In general, the vents direct gases to the roof of the house, so that the odours do not bother its occupants. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can prevent the vent from fulfilling its purpose. Under these circumstances, the gases will remain trapped in the house and malodorous fumes (sometimes even toxic and flammable) could come out through the drains.

In Ontario, winter weather conditions can affect the proper functioning of the plumbing vent. For example, during heavy snowfall or ice storm, the vent may be covered, preventing it from functioning properly. Debris can also block the plumbing vent.

It is therefore essential to see to the maintenance of your ventilation chimney and to thaw the vent when the situation requires it.

Another thing to check when you have odours in the house is the drain. The drain can also be faulty: perforated, dry, dislocated… It no longer plays its role of defensive wall against odours.

Bathroom odour problems can also be due to poor plumbing. If all of your sanitary facilities are connected, there may be times when flushing the toilet, for example, empty the drain in the sink or shower, allowing sewage odours to flow back up.

The best way to counteract these odours is to block their access by adding 1 litre of water to all the drains on all floors in the house.

If a glue-like odour seeps into your home, open your windows and use fans rather than an air exchanger which may spread the odour throughout your home.

Find all your:

  • floor drains in the basement;
  • shower drains;
  • sink drains.

The following example shows you the steps to follow:

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