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Notice to young people in the municipalities of Champlain, East Hawkesbury and Hawkesbury 

In collaboration with the three municipalities of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell, RECYCLE-ACTION is proud to announce the award of a sum of $1490.00 which will be paid to a group of young people aged 21 or younger, who would like to carry out one (or more)  activity or a project for the protection of the environment.

It can be a project to clean rivers, development of habitat for birds, tree planting, purchasing a plot of land to keep threatened flora, construction of shelters for bats, etc... The ideas are numerous and endless!

The youth groups, classes, schools, social clubs such as Scouts or hockey clubs or even a group of friends can submit their project ideas.

The purpose of this fund is to invest in the protection of the environment for future generations, through funding for concrete measures taken by youth of our communities themselves.

Among the benefits that these three municipalities have in their agreement with RECYCLE-ACTION for the transfer of recyclable materials from the Blue Boxes, donating $1.00 for every ton collected by RECYCLE-ACTION is an added value to the contract.

RECYCLE-ACTION is proud to coordinate this initiative and invest in conservation.

Project ideas must be submitted using a form below no later than March 31st, 2020 to the attention of RECYCLE-ACTION, A / S: Mrs. Brenda Léonard, 1301 Spence Street, Hawkesbury, On. K6A 3T4, or by email to: .